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Trafomatic Audio Experience Elegance

Experience Elegance Integrated
The Experience Elegance is yet another but integrated stereo Push -Pull amplifier in the Experience series. Its design and topology make a natural progression following the very successful Experience Elegance power amplifier. No-compromise power supply and output transformers wound on Double-C cores characterize the Experience Elegance int. as another definitive audiophile product.

The Experience Elegance integrated amplifier combines the output stage of our most powerful Experience series amplifier with input switching and a passive buffered attenuator drviven by remote control. The class A power stage produces 45 watts per channel from a quartet of push-pull connected 6550. A small amount of cathode feedback lowers the output impedance for excellent bass control and dynamics. The power supply benefits from an overbuilt 300VA Trafomatic toroidal transformer, C-L-C filtering and Rubycon electrolytics. The output transformer is a very high-quality double C-core unit and all signal path capacitors are Solen fast caps exclusively. For listeners with conventional 88dB loudspeakers who want the most performance from a single amplification component, the Experience Elegance integrated is our premier offering and best value.

Output power: 2x45W
Class of operation: Push-Pull (class A)
Tubes complement: 4x 6550 Svetlana , 2x ECC82 , 2x ECC81
Inputs: CD, Tuner , Aux
Outputs: 4 i 8 oma
Input sensitivity: 0.8Vrms
THD %: 0.03% - 1W/1KHz, 2% - 450W/1KHz
Frequency bandwidth: 10Hz(-1dB) - 65KHz( -3dB)
S/N Ratio: 84dB
Input inpedance: 100K
Power consuption: 250VA
Input voltage: 230V/50Hz( 100-120-220-240V available on request)
Size: 430x290x165mm
Weight: 22kg