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HFX micro media

The HFX micro media is the first fanless HTPC for high-end CPUs on mini-ITX platfroms.
With only 24x23 cm it is one of the smallest incl. TV-Tuner and Blu-Ray.

view and record digital TV in HDTV
connect to LCD, Plasma or Beamer with HDMI
play Blu-Ray
eMails, internet, games and more
manage MP3, picture and videos
HD Audio with optical SPDIF

Without any moving parts inside, the HFX micro is a clean solution without dust, and in addition energy saving and long-life reliable. The HFX micro is very easy to handle. You can extend it any time with other modules. Thus you stay alsways flexible and updated.
We recommend to use the HFX micro media together with the HFX media Pack.

Special Features:
> HDMI + DVI + Displayport
> 1* eSATA, 2* USB2.0, 4*USB3.0
> 7.1 HD Audio + SPDIF (optical) Intel I3-2100T with 2GB RAM,
500GB HDD,
Sony Nec Blu-Ray Combo
HDMI1.4, DVI and Displayport
7.1+2 HD Audio with optical SPDIF
1x eSATA, 2x USB3.0, 4*USB2.0
HFX Vista Remote Control GP
HFX TT USB HDTV tuner card
Win7 with HFX media pack