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Reference Phono One

Single-ended Class A Gain: MM-45dB, MC-67dB using input transformers Noise and Hum: -78dB Output voltage: 1.2Vrms Inputs: MM (RCA) - 51k, MC (XLR), MC (RCA) Adjustable MC inputs (XLR and RCA): 20ohms, 50ohms, 100ohms, 200ohms, 500ohms, 1K Output impedance: 660 OhmS Frequency Response RIAA Curve: +/-0.4dB Vacuum Tube Complement: 2xEF806, 1x6N6EV Power supply: 1xEZ81, 1xEL84, 1xEF86 Requirements: 100, 117 or 240 Volts / 50-60 Hz, 60 watts Weght: 10 kg Dimensions: 430x370x130mm